• Tool Buyback Program

    We specialize in purchasing your excess and obsolete cutting tools

We purchase your excess and obsolete tooling

On a plant by plant basis, there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of pounds of excess tooling, consumables and cutting tools that no longer serve a purpose for your organization. Upon agreement, we provide immediate payment and take the problem off your hands for good. 

No auctions, no on-consignment basis, no headaches.

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A unique solution for a common problem

Let our team provide a solution for your E&O tooling in a way that  provides greater value than ever before.

Even with the best tool integration services, a common problem among all manufacturers is excess cutting tools when the program is ended or cancelled. Our tool buyback program provides a solution for your E&O tooling. 

Your E&O consumables and cutting tools can be a liability far beyond their original costs. In some cases, there may be no more space within the plant for any additional cutting tools, or your tool storage towers are at capacity.

Our trade in program gives you your space back, decreases your liability, and pays you for it.

Our Process

We make the process as simple as possible.


Send us the information you have available - whether it's a list of all the details, or just a few photos. We will evaluate based on the information you provide.


We send you an offer of what we're willing to pay. Upon being accepted, we send payment via your method of choice (check, ACH, etc)


You pack the material into crates and we setup shipping and handle the rest. Need more help to get it removed? We can arrange that.


Boring Tools & Accessories

Boring Heads, Boring Bars, Boring Accessories

Tool Holders

CAT40, CAT50, CAT60, BT40, BT50, HSK63, HSK100


Indexable Carbide Inserts, Solid Carbide Drills, Endmills

Machine Spare Parts

Spare parts


Rotary Tables, Chucks, Vises

Other Tooling

Facemills, Tail Stocks, Steady Rests, Collets and Collet Extensions

Trade in Credit Program

If you are like most manufacturers, you are simply scrapping your excess and obsolete consumables and cutting tools and losing out on all the value. 

An alternative to paying you directly; we offer a trade in value on your E&O. 

This trade in credit can be used for anything on our store. Not only are you receiving a higher value for your tools, but you have access to our inventory that is already priced far below list prices. 

Optimize your Return Value

Get up to 30% more value when you utilize our trade in program

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