About Superior Machine & Tool

Superior Machine & Tool established an Asset Recovery Program to expand our capabilities and meet the needs of the customers we serve. The program takes on your biggest and most difficult problems. Our full service program can provide you with solutions for excess machinery and equipment, your excess and obsolete cutting tools through our specialized Tool Buyback Program, or any other unique problem you need a solution for. 

With a lack of solutions available to manufacturers to handle their excess and obsolete cutting tool inventory, SMT created the Tool Buyback Program to fill the gap. The program has evolved and grown over the years as the depth of the issue has been discovered. SMT continues to expand the program and work toward the goal of providing companies with a better alternative to handling their excess inventory.

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Our Beginnings

Located in Lansing, Michigan, Superior Machine & Tool was founded in 2012 on the idea that value existed in material that manufacturing companies were throwing away or scrapping. On this foundation, SMT established a Tool Buyback Program, which remains the core of the business today and has placed SMT in the position of being the largest purchaser of E&O cutting tool inventory.

Needs and requests of customers pushed SMT to grow and evolve to fill in the gaps. SMT has since grown to take on additional responsibilities at the request of customers such as developing a full scale asset recovery program to sell excess machinery and other equipment customers needed a solution for, providing line and cell demolition services, and becoming a Tier 1 distributor for many SMP 500 companies. SMT believes that nothing is off limits when it comes to meeting the needs of customers. Creative solutions and problem solving capabilities make SMT stand out from the rest. SMT is willing to think out of the box to give you the best solution for your specific scenario and has the flexibility to get creative.